How to use a Britrail pass

Checking your pass after you have received it from Britrail Plus

The names on Rail Passes need to be exact as per passport, or the traveller will not be able to use it once in the United Kingdom. It is important to check that all names and details are correct. If you discover the names on your pass are incorrect, you will need to send it back to Rail Europe by traceable mail to get it reissued for a small fee.

Validating your Britrail Pass

Before using your Britrail Pass, you will need to get it validated at any manned ticket window at a train station. If an on-board train conductor has to do it for you, you will have to pay a fee.
It is also important to know that you must validate your Britrail Pass within 6 months of the date of issue.
You can begin your first journey after 00:00 hours on the first day of validity of your pass and you must finish your last trip by 24.00 hours on the last day of validity.

How often can I use my pass?

The number of journeys that your pass entitles depends on if you have a flexi or consecutive pass.

Flexi passes can only be used for a certain number of travel days within a set period. On your first date of travel, after your pass is validated, you must record the date in the travel calendar printed on the ticket. Not doing so will mean you risk a substantial fine or having your pass confiscated by the ticket inspector. NOTE: Please do not write travel dates on your Pass in advance of the day you travel as once written on a Pass these dates cannot be changed!

Consecutive passes can be used every day during the period in which the pass is valid.
You can travel on as many trains you can fit into one day's travel.

Making seat reservations

Seat reservations in the UK are not compulsory, therefore you can simply just hop on a train and sit where you like. However, it is recommended to make a seat reservation whenever possible during the European Summer period ( June to Sept and public holidays) as trains can fill up quickly and you may find yourself constantly moving out of other peoples reserved seats. If you cannot reserve seats before you leave Australia, we recommend you do so as soon as you get into the UK at any major station. Please note that having suggested to reserve a seat, on some regional trains it is not possible to make a reservation. With these trains you will always be able to travel but you may not always be guaranteed to be seated together.