Britrail Passholder Fares

Are passholder seat reservations compulsory?

Seat reservations on trains within Britain are not compulsory they are optional. You can purchase your rail pass and just simply hop on the train you wish to travel on. Of course it depends on which class you purchase. If you purchase First class then you can sit anywhere in First class and the same rule applies for a Second class pass. If you have a certain date and time you would like to travel on then you can reserve a seat. Note: we generally cannot book seat reservations on trains within Britain if the journey is shorter than 2hrs. We also cannot book overnight services in Britain.

How do I book?

You are not able to book passholder fares in Britain on the Rail Europe website.
To book Britrail passholder seat reservations you can call us on 1300 555 003 or email us at and we will book the tickets for you. We require the following information:

  • Passenger names
  • Passenger Ex Australia date
  • Booking details (class of travel, dates and times)
  • Your full agency details