As fun and environmentally friendly rail is, it can be a lot to take in if you don't book very often. To make sure your next booking is as smooth as possible, we prepared a couple of helpful resources. Watch a video or two, try our onboarding program or join us a for a yearlong "Once Upon a Train" program that not only brings you up to speed but rewards you with many spots prizes and even famil opportunities. And if that's not enough, you can also ask our Rail Wizard for help or connect to our Live Chat.

Training Videos and Webinars

Access a library of training videos on various topics.

Swiss Travel Pass SuperStar

A dedicated training for Switzerland with 8 famil spots to be won.

New Agents Onboarding

A series of emails to help new agents or those who need a refresher.

BDM Contacts

Reach out to our BDMs to organize virtual or in-store training.

Once Upon a Train

A series of stories with quick and fun quizzes that educate and reward.

Rail Wizard

Get instant answers to almost any question - 24/7.