Winter Timetable Change- UPDATE

Thursday, 14 November 2019

UPDATED 14th November

Rail Europe would like to advise that each year in October/November  the railways take stock of their current timetable and review these for winter services. 

As such the booking horizon for many services is shortened, Most services that are affected by the timetable change are only loaded for travel until the 8th December.

The winter timetable is normally finalised by the 8th December. If you have a booking on hold/request with us that is affected by the timetable change as soon as the services are loaded by the rail carriers we will ensure these are booked for you. 

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed up this process which affects people globally.

Countries affected:




Rest of Eastern Europe


Countries not affected

Eurostar          available until June 2020!

UK                   available 12 weeks in advance

France           available 120 days in advance

Benelux          available 90 days in advance

Spain              staggered – see this link.  

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