Oyster Card (London) : Details

General information

The Visitor Oyster Card is only available to adults and will be pre-loaded with an initial GBP10, GBP15, GBP20 or GBP50 balance. The cards can then be topped up with additional money at Tube stations, Oyster Ticket Stops and London Travel Information Centres and some National Rail stations..

The Visitor Oyster Card covers travel on entire underground network Zones 1 - 9. 

Why buy a Visitor Oyster Card? 

This smartcard is the easy way to pay for travel on the tube, bus, London Overground, tram, DLR, River Bus and most National Rail services in London.

  • Save time: Purchase the card before you leave home. It is ready to use as as soon as you arrive in London, so no need to line up in queues.

  • Excellent value: Pay as you go, so you only pay for the travel you make. A daily capping allows you travel as much as you like in a single day for a capped price. 

  • Transferrable: The card is re-usable, so you can pass your card on to friends/family who visits London.

  • Bonus offers: Enjoy special discounts & offers. Click here for more detailsNew for 2019, Oyster cards will be valid on the Heathrow Express. Credit will be deducted from your balance. 

How to use Oyster card for visitors

To ensure you pay the correct fare, always touch in by placing your Oyster card for visitors flat on the yellow readers at the start and end of your journey.

Adding more credit to your card is easily done at the station, at over 4,000 local shops in London called Oyster Ticket Shops and Tfl Visitor Centres.  

Please note that for bus and tram journeys you only need to touch in when you enter the bus or at the tram stop.