Rail Plus tracks across Korea

Monday, 19 July 2010

Rail Plus has added Korea Rail Pass to its expanding Asia product portfolio.

Rail Plus sales and marketing manager, Greg McCallum said he expected the Korea Pass to sell well, because its structure is similar to the popular passes for Europe and Japan, offering the choice of three, five, seven and 10 consecutive day passes. The new product is supported by the Korean National Tourism Office, which has been in Australia for 30 years.

"While 100,000 Australians land in Korea each year, many are just on stopovers so don't get to explore the country, which is renowned for its fabulous food, culture, natural wonders and landscapes, ancient ruins and history. We now have a transport medium in the market that allows them to to easily discover the country," he said.

The passes are also available for Australian and New Zealand business travellers in Korea.
Passes are structured on a similar basis as European rail and are priced from $67, $101, $127 and $146 respectively for adults, with discounted categories for adult saver where two to five people travel together at all times. Children and youth discounts also apply, the same as the pass categories for Europe.
Point-to-point tickets for Vietnam, Thailand and China and for the luxury Victoria Express from Hanoi to Lau Cai, and return, are other Asia products of Rail Plus.

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