Rail Plus Launches Exclusive Paris Luggage Service

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Rail Plus has launched its Paris luggage transfer service to provide travellers with a seamless door-to-station delivery service between the city’s two main airports, major train stations and hotels.


Exclusive to Rail Plus, and operated by French start-up, Eelway, the service aims to help travellers with their luggage storage and delivery solution, allowing them to explore Paris for the day or take short excursions out of the city hassle-free.


Commercial Director Ingrid Kocijan says the much-needed service is a welcomed addition to Rail Plus’ suite of offerings and already, travellers are recognising the value it provides.


“Paris remains one of the most popular cities to visit among Australian and New Zealand travellers,” says Kocijan. “There is no doubt this luggage service will continue to be appreciated, especially by those who recognise the amount of time and energy this service saves them.


“Not only does this service take out the stress of finding loose change before battling through thick crowds and navigating through the maze of locating storage facilities, it also relieves travellers from lugging their bags around on cobbled streets and through crowds when trying to take in the city sights.


“Another major plus side of this service is its safety and security aspect,” she adds. “Travellers can track their luggage in real time so they can gauge delivery times where necessary.


“And as a bonus, customers are granted free WIFI in selected train Paris stations, too.”


Travellers should note that while there is no weight restriction, prices start at AU$57 for a minimum of two pieces of luggage for same day delivery and up to AU$120 for five pieces of luggage and storage of three days.

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