Half Price Thalys

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Rail Plus is offering half price fares for the Thalys high speed train services between France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany for travel up to August 29.

The discount fares are for sale up to August 12 and apply to both first and second class (Comfort 1 and Comfort 2) and one-way and return.

For example, the discount fare for the 4hr.11mins journey from Paris to Amsterdam is from $201 per person for First Class and from $112 Second Class.

Fares vary across daily departure times.

A $35 booking fee is additional.

see www.railplus.com.au


Created in 1995, Thalys is the network of four rail companies - SNCF (France), SNCB (Belgium), DB (Germany) and NS (Netherlands).

Comfort One catering, regardless of the meal, is included in the price while Comfort Two passengers can avail themselves of sandwiches, breakfasts, coffee/tea and chocolates in Bar Coach where all travellers can also purchase Metro tickets for Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam, thereby avoiding queues at ticket machines at the city gateway stations.

Attendants in Comfort One act like a hotel concierge by organising a waiting taxi at the destination, for a small fee. Some 80,000 taxis were booked this way last year while 75,000 public transport tickets were sold at the bars!

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