Around the World in Eight Rail Journeys

Wednesday, 09 August 2017

Rail Plus has released their take on ‘Around the World in 80 Days’.


A selection of rail experiences covering Europe, the USA, Peru, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, China and Australia, ‘Around the World in Eight Rail Journeys’ speaks to the modern day traveller who enjoys exploring the world in comfort, style and with flexibility.


Commercial Director of Rail Plus, Ingrid Kocijan, says there is no doubt that rail travel has been on a steady rise every year for the past decade, thanks to the sheer ease and convenience offered on board the trains.


Over the last two years itself, Australia and New Zealand’s leading rail provider has recorded an average of 6% increase in rail passengers each year. While Europe, Japan and North America continue to top the chart as the most popular rail destinations, many other destinations are fast catching up.


Rail Plus’ ‘Around the World in Eight Rail Journeys’ takes travellers on an enriching an eye-opening experience through the heart and soul of some of the world’s most popular and interesting countries.


“Whether it be a first-time visit or a repeat visit to a particular destination, there is always something new to learn, see and experience,” says Ingrid. “And these rail journeys provide just that with some added comfort as well as the luxury of space, service and scenery.”

The world tour starts with The Ghan, one of two iconic train journeys in Australia. Connecting Adelaide to Darwin, passengers will journey through Australia’s rough and raw outback over 3D/2N, while witnessing the constantly changing landscape from the sprawling wine regions and desert plains to ancient gorges and the lush tropics. The experience in the Gold Twin Service starts at AU$1690 / NZ$1912 per person.


Across the ditch in New Zealand, the Northern Explorer will take passengers through the heart of the country’s North Island where green farmlands, quaint towns and rugged coasts meet snow-blanketed fields, ancient lava flows and dense beech forests. Starting at AU$185 / NZ$176 per person, this breathtaking experience takes 10:30hrs.


Across the South Pacific Ocean in South America, the Vistadome which journeys between Cusco and Machu Picchu is a must do for anyone looking to connect with

Peru to fully appreciate the country’s impressive landscape along with the Andean culture, food, music and dance. Only a short 1:30hr rail journey, the experience starts at AU$125 / NZ$133 per person.


Up north in the USA, the Amtrak USA Rail Pass offers a few options to suit the duration of the traveller’s trip. Starting at eight segments over 15 days, pass holders have the flexibility and convenience of hopping on and off as they please, while exploring different parts of the country. The Amtrak USA Rail Pass starts at AU$652 / NZ$698 per person.


Over in Canada, travellers can use the Canrailpass seven or 10 trips in 60 days to experience the country’s many assets from its coasts and rugged interiors to its major cities, quaint towns and wildlife habitats. Depending on the number of trips planned, prices for the Canrailpass start at AU$877 / NZ$933 per person.


Across the Atlantic in Europe, a single Eurail Global Flexi Pass allows its holder access to countless trains in as many as 28 countries around the continent. Opportunities abound with this pass and the traveller is free to explore as many countries as their time permits. A five days in 1 month Eurail Global Flexi Pass starts at AU$617 / NZ$678 per person.


Then in China, the Beijing to Hong Kong train will take passengers through China’s scenic and rugged interior, via a number of provinces, villages and cities. Passengers will also experience the stark contrasts between provinces in terms of food, culture and the dialects spoken. The overnight service in Standard Class starts at AU$191 per person.


Finally, in Japan, a Japan Rail Pass for seven, 14 or 21 days will allow travellers to hop on and off trains across the length and breadth of the country to explore the land according to their interests, budget and time. A seven day Japan Rail Pass starts at AU$352 / NZ$375 per person.

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