8. Switzerland

For a train with the word ‘Express’ in it, this one sure is going slow. For good reason though, with all those dramatic tight turns & bends and spectacular photo opportunities. You’re able to really take in the unobstructed views of deep ravines, high passes, shimmering mountains, sparkling lakes, idyllic mountain villages, 291 bridges and 91 tunnels. A real-life utopia that you’re witnessing through wide picture windows that extend to the top of the carriage’s roof. Special Agent, today you’re on Switzerland’s most famous train, the Glacier Express.  

Eight hours of transiting would usually sound like a tough gig, but this isn’t a regular commute. There’s no turbulence or jet lag, no cramped seating or tiny windows. Instead you’re spoilt with incredible scenery and serenity, from the luxurious Alpine resort town of St Moritz, to Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn.  

You’re sitting in First Class, which is very similar to Second Class, but you’re enjoying a solo seat to yourself. There is another class onboard called Excellence Class. You get up & take a peek in the Excellence Class carriage. There looks to be only 20 passengers in there, with their own private bar, enjoying a gourmet, 7-course lunch. You think to yourself how this would be great to add some luxe to your next Swiss holiday (because you’ll definitely be back one day!). 

A lot of guests around you are served the lunch they purchased. It looks delicious, a full meal service on proper china and with real cutlery. You, however, decided to pack yourself a gourmet picnic for one with Swiss cheese, bread and a bottle of red.  

After lunch you look for the next travellers on your list to speak to, for a potential clue to bring you closer to the missing Golden Ticket. You spot Roger & Martina, sitting in second class side by side. You introduce yourself & they kindly offer you some Swiss chocolate they brought with them on board. You ask if they remember anything about the thief from the night the Golden Ticket was stolen.  ”Yes, we spoke to the thief. We discussed our mutual love of nature and trees”. 

Special Agent, when you are in Zermatt, I recommend heading up on the highest 3S cableway to the “Matterhorn glacier paradise” at 3,883 metres altitude. When you arrive at the summit, a stunning total of 38 impressive peaks as well as numerous glaciers can be seen from the viewing platform. At the Glacier Palace, you can immerse themselves in the mystical world of eternal ice. Pure Swiss bliss! 

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