6. TGV

Waking up in Paris is one of those dream-like fantasies, one that millions of travellers make a reality each year. Special Agent, take in the feeling of the crisp bed linen, the views of the sun rising above the Eiffel Tower, and the smell of the fresh pain au chocolat waiting for you to devour.  

When it’s time to leave Paris, the train can take you (pretty much) anywhere you want to go in Europe. Today, you’re heading to Lyon, the third-largest city in France, on France’s high-speed TGV train. This is the route that started high-speed train travel in Europe and is still one of the most popular today.  

After labelling your suitcase (a must when travelling by train in France) you say au revoir to the hotel clerk and wonder how you’ll get to Paris Gare de Lyon station. You’re currently near Paris Gare du Nord station. This is a common question amongst travellers, especially those who have connecting train services in Paris, arriving into & departing from different stations. You check the directions on the Rail Europe website & you’re on your way. Once you arrive on the other side, you’re already inside the station ready to head to your platform.   

As you approach your train, your gaze goes upwards. The train has two levels...a double decker train! Although ‘upper decks’ on other types of transport are usually reserved for those willing to pay top dollar, your Eurail Pass plus a mandatory seat reservation has secured your spot up top.

Today you’re travelling on TGV’s inOUI service. You climb up the stairs and find your solo seat by the window. You’re getting quite used to the amenities of the modern trains you’ve been taking…free Wi-Fi, power sockets, entertainment portals. You recline back & relax, relieved that with speeds of up to 320km/h, taking the train means a turbulence free journey, guaranteed.  

Next on your list to chat to is Eddie, a father travelling with his partner & two young children, who were at the launch of the now missing Golden Ticket. You know exactly where to look first, the ‘Espace Familes’ coach in 2nd Class, a space for families to share with other families located close to the onboard baby change room. You spot Eddie and ask him if he remembers talking to the thief on the night of the Golden Ticket.“I do remember. We discussed how we both enjoy outdoor activities, that neither of us are afraid of heights and we enjoy a thrill”. You thank Eddie & let him go, as his son tugs on his jumper desperate for his attention.

You check the online portal map which tells you that there’s only 30 mins to go; time to plug in your phone & get ready for some sightseeing in Lyon. Pick me up a dozen macarons while you’re there? 

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TGV Routes

  • Paris to Lyon
  • Paris to Bordeux
  • Paris to Avignon
  • Paris to Lille
  • Paris to Strasbourg
  • more

All the above routes can be done in the reverse direction