4. Eurostar

Travelling by train isn’t always about the epic, trans-continental journeys. A lot of the time it’s about getting from A to B in the most comfortable & hassle-free way that suits your budget & schedule.

Special Agent, today you are taking one of the best-selling European trains between two sought after destinations. I have no doubt you’ve heard of this train before. That’s right, it’s the Eurostar!

You’ve made a friend during your travels, Julie. She has decided to join you in London, but is flying Budget Jet, even though you’ve told her about the brand-new direct Eurostar service from Amsterdam to London. You say goodbye to Julie as she makes her way to the airport. Your train is departing from Amsterdam Central Station just a two-minute walk from your hotel. You head off on foot to arrive an hour before the train’s departure, which is plenty of time to get through the ticket gate, security & passport control and board the train.

After boarding and placing your suitcase in the luggage rack, you are pleased to find you have a solo seat by the window, with plenty of legroom and a footrest, waiting for you in Standard Premier Class. You take out your phone, plug it in to charge, and connect to the complimentary onboard WiFi. You message Julie…she is not in a good mood. She was stung for excess luggage at the airport and is now crammed into a middle seat in economy class. You feel a little guilty that you didn’t take some of Julie’s things in your suitcase, since Eurostar has no luggage weight limit. Julie’s flight is about to depart, so she says goodbye before she turns her phone into flight mode and loses connection. You look out the window and realise the train has started moving. You recline your seat, ready for the turbulence-free journey ahead.

Watching the countryside roll by, you are served your included light lunch & wine. The train spends 20 minutes travelling underground through the Channel Tunnel, and on the other side you’re ready to go for a stroll on the train and get down to business…getting another clue to bring you closer to the Golden Ticket!

The next passenger on your list to speak to is backpacker Bailey. You spot Bailey in the onboard Café Métropole, eating a baguette that he purchased. He’s listening to music on Eurostar’s free entertainment portal as he flicks through the newest Rail Europe brochure ‘Your World on Track 2020’. You interrupt Bailey to ask him about the night the Golden Ticket was stolen, in the hopes of gaining another clue. “Oh yeah, I was telling them how I’m a keen snowboarder. They said they’d never even been to the snow, but the country they are heading to is one of the best places in the world for it!”.

Once the train arrives into London St Pancras, you take your suitcase, disembark and head straight for the exit for the short walk to your hotel. You call Julie to see how she’s going. She recently arrived at the hotel after a one and a half hour journey from London’s Southend Airport, and is ready for a nap. You feel great though & ready to hit London Town! See you in a few hours Julie!

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Eurostar Routes

  • London <> Paris
  • London <> Brussels
  • London <> Amsterdam
  • London <> Rotterdam
  • London <> Lille
  • London <> DIsneyland Paris
  • London <> Lyon
  • London <> Marseille
  • + more

All the above routes can be done in the reverse direction