3. Eurail

You look in your hands and there it is…your ticket for unlimited train travel in 33 countries. A ticket to freedom & adventure. It sounds just like the Golden Ticket. Hang on...did you find it already? Has it been in your possession the whole time? Or is there a twist and YOU are the thief?!

No Special Agent, that’s your Eurail Pass!

Your next train journeys are in Europe and are covered by your Eurail Pass. I’ve already pre-booked your seat reservations, so you won’t need to queue up at the station or risk the trains being full.

Let’s get you ready by activating your pass, which can be done at the ticket office of any large station in one of the participating countries. When you’re at the ticket office, hand the person behind the ticket window your Eurail Pass & passport. They will check to make sure the name on the pass matches your passport, they’ll fill in your passport # and then stamp the first date & last date of validity. Once they hand it back, your Eurail Pass is activated and ready for use!

Let me tell you what I know about the missing Golden ticket. I was at the event that fateful night, and late in the evening I saw someone rushing out the door. I thought they must’ve had a train to catch, but it turns out they were running away with the Golden Ticket! A flag that was sticking out of their bag fell onto the floor.  I was too busy to alert them at the time, and when I checked afterwards the flag was gone. I do remember though that it had the colour red in it. Other than that, I can’t remember anything about the flag.

Why don’t you go enjoy your time sightseeing while you wait for your next train? There are a ton of freebies & discounts for hotels, sightseeing & more with your Eurail Pass. I’ve also put together a quick Eurail quiz for you to take so that you are well prepared for the coming weeks.

A Eurail Pass & free time? The sky’s the limit!

So, what now?

  • Take our Eurail quiz and be in with a chance to win 5 x Eurail prizes, each containing 2 x Eurail Global Passes and $500 towards airfare.*
  • Read the previous story & complete the quiz (if you haven't already) so you're in with a chance to win a famil.
  • Check if you were the winner of the 'Venice Simplon-Orient-Express' quiz.
  • Put all the clues you have uncovered together so far and see if you can narrow down the location of the missing ticket. Get your colleagues on board. 

Take the quiz

Conditions of quiz: Answer all 6 questions correctly to be in the draw for one of 5 x Eurail prizes, each containing 2 x Eurail Global Passes & $500 towards airfare. Value over $2500 per prize. Competition is open to registered travel agents in Australia & New Zealand. All agents with a score of 100% will be placed into a draw to be randomly selected by an online generator.Eurail Pass will be a Eurail Global Flexi Pass, 15 days in 2 months. Prizes must be redeemed by 20th December 2020 or will expire. Prizes cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash. Prizes cannot be transferred to a different name. A start date is required to redeem the passes and once printed cannot be exchanged. Start date must be within 11 months of issuance date. *In the case of a FCTG agent being drawn a winner: The agent will receive a $500 bounty payment in lieu of airfare credit but will not be eligible for the 2 x Eurail Global Passes, and this portion of the prize will be forfeit. Winners agree to Rail Europe using their first & last name and agency details, plus image on request, for PR & marketing related use. 

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