You look up at the sign in front of you, then down at your seat reservation, then back up again. Your ticket says you’re departing from platform 9, however in front of you is a sign that says “Platform 9 ¾”...

There’s also a trolley with tan luggage & a bird cage disappearing through the brick wallSpecial Agent, you aren’t Harry Potter and that isn’t your platform (or even a real platform). You would like to get a photo with Platform 9 ¾? Sure, there’s no check in time for your next train (yep zero), so go ahead.  

A short while later, after arriving at the other platform 9, you see a shiny new train that looks like it has been plucked straight out of a bustling Tokyo train station. It is LNER’s (London North Eastern Railway’s) ‘Azuma’ train, built using Japanese bullet train technology & launched in 2019Azuma means ‘East’ in Japanese, fitting for LNER which operates along the UK’s East Coast mainline. 

As you board the Azuma, an onboard host in red uniform cheerily greets you. After placing your luggage in the rack provided, you walk into your carriage and the first thing you notice is how clean & inviting it is. It’s already clear how much pride LNER take in their service.  

You relax in your ergonomically designed seat with generous leg-room and connect to the complimentary Wi-Fi, ready to post your best Harry-esque poses to Facebook. The train manager comes over the loudspeaker to announce that the service is on time & due to arrive in Edinburgh in 4 hours & 20 minutes.  

The onboard host comes over to ask for your included breakfast order (for First Class passengers). Each & every dish onboard LNER is created with locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, showcasing producers from along the route. It’s a tough choice, with a variety to choose from, including vegetarian, vegan & gluten free options. You select the “Full LNER” for a traditional full English breakfast.  

After breakfast you are ready to stretch your legs & look for Charles, the next person on your list, who may have a clue for the missing Golden Ticket. As you press the button to open the doors between the carriages, you see a sign that says ‘Quiet coach’ on the door. As you tip toe into the carriage (really, that isn’t necessary), you spot Charles. You approach him and quietly introduce yourself, inviting him for a hot cup of tea in the onboard ‘Let’s Eat Café Bar’.  When you question him about the night of the theft, he says “ah yes, we discussed how brilliant it is just how central train stations are in major cities. They said the city where they are basing themselves has train stations that will connect them to the country’s rail network. 

The train arrives into Edinburgh and you wonder where to start in this beautiful city. Surprise! For your excellent efforts so far, we’ve purchased an Edinburgh City Pass for you to use. This is just one of 591 options for Edinburgh alone (aye, that’s a lot of choice), available on Rail Europe’s sightseeing & transport platform. Ok skedaddle aff now! 

So what now?

  • Take our LNER quiz and be in with a chance to win yourself a $100 voucher of your choice*
  • Read the previous story & complete the quiz (if you haven't already) so you're in with a chance to win a famil.
  • Check if you were the winner of the 'Eurostar' quiz.
  • Put all the clues you have uncovered together so far and see if you can narrow down the location of the missing ticket. Get your colleagues on board. 

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LNER routes

  • London to Edinburgh
  • London to Leeds
  • London to York
  • London to Newcastle
  • + more

All the above routes can be done in the reverse direction