The Ghan Cyclone


Important service information for passengers travelling on The Ghan


Due to the aftermath effects of Cyclone Grant, the rail link between Katherine and Darwin has be closed due to track damage restricting The Ghan's current operations.

At this stage, it is not known when the track will be re-opened. We anticipate that the rail link between Katherine and Darwin may not be restored until late January.

Pending the re-opening, future services will terminate in Katherine and all guests will be transported to Darwin by Coach transfer.

Guests departing ex Darwin will also be transfered by coach to meet the train in Katherine.

Guests travelling Northbound will arrive into Darwin 2 hours later at 19:30PM. The Southbound timetable will remain unchanged.

Any guests booked on The Ghan services affected by the train terminating in Katherine will be notified directly by a Great Southern Rail representative.