France Rail Strike


Affected by recent France Strike?


Unfortunately rail strikes do occur from time to time, it is very hard to plan ahead for these as there is usually no advance notice, with strikes usually only being confirmed on the day. If you or your passengers were affected by the recently ended strikes within France and wish to apply for a refund, please note the below procedure.

  • Original tickets need to be received by Rail Europe within 60 days from the TDD.
  • When sending tickets we recommend using traceable means, as original tickets are required for any refund request and unfortunately lost tickets are non refundable.
  • The railways are not honouring compensation for passengers out of pocket expresses, this needs to be claimed via Travel Insurance.
  • As per the conditions tickets are required to be endorsed as "Unused" by the European Railways. Due to the strikes and regardless of the conditions of the SNCF fares, tickets were allowed to be amended for a later date/time of travel. Due to this if unused tickets are not endorsed, the railways may ask for proof of alternative travel purchased.

When sending documents back to us, we highly recommend that you use traceable mail, as if the documents get lost in the mail it is not possible to get a refund for them.

Please forward details to one of the below addresses:


For all bookings made in AustraliaFor all booking made in New Zealand
Attention: Refunds Department
Rail Europe Australia
Level 4, 10 - 16 Queen Street,
Melbourne, 3000
Victoria, Australia
Attention: Refunds Department
Rail Europe New Zealand
Level 2, 6 Kingdon Street
Newmarket, 1149
Auckland, New Zealand