Coastal Pacific : FAQs

Coastal Pacific Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do passengers need to check in?
    Check in is 20 minutes prior to departure.

  • Where can I get the best view?
    Sit back and relax, and enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery from the comfort of your seat through our large windows.  Alternatively, the Coastal Pacific will have an outdoor viewing carriage where you can go and get your best photos with no glass reflections!

  • How many carriages will be on the Coastal Pacific?
    2 carriages which carry 63 passengers each.

  • Is there food available on board?
    Absolutely! The Coastal Pacific café carriage has a wide range of hot and cold meals and snacks, New Zealand beer and wine, and non alcoholic beverages including tea, coffee and juice. 

  • How many tunnels does the Coastal Pacific go through?
    21 tunnels in total!

  • Can you do the Coastal Pacific as a day trip?
    Yes!  If you are based in Christchurch, you can travel to Picton and back in one day.  Alternatively you can travel from Christchurch to Kaikoura in the morning, then return to Christchurch in the evening.  There is enough time to do a wildlife experience such as whale watching or dolphin swimming.

  • Is the journey the same as prior to the earthquake?
    The location of the rail tracks and the scenery will be slightly different, however the journey is just as beautiful as before!

  • Is it safe?
    The safety of Coastal Pacific passengers is the number one priority. If the rail line was in any way unsafe, they would not be reintroducing the Coastal Pacific service.  A recent safety assessment of the safety of the Main North Line (MNL) concluded that the level of risk of taking the Coastal Pacific train is equivalent to taking an international flight.