Suica Card Japan (Metro Card) : Details

Japan Metro Suica Card Information

How to use the Japan Metro Suica card

  • Simply touch the Suica card to the reader at the ticket gate when out and about. There is no need to purchase a ticket from a vending machine.
  • The fare is automatically calculated at the station where you get off. Fare calculations will depend on what journey you are taking. Each trip will be different.
  • When you get off the train, the fare will be calculated at that station. If the balance is insufficient, however, you will need to add more money to your Suica.

Topping up your Card

  • The Suica can be loaded and used as many times as desired.
  • The Suica can be loaded up to a maximum of 20,000 yen at Automatic Ticket Vending Machines and Fare Adjustment Machines displaying the Suica mark.
  • Only yen may be used to load a card. A credit card cannot be used to load a Suica.


  • A single journey on the Tokyo Metro is between ¥170 - ¥310, depending on the distance (subject to change).

Valid Areas and Transportation Systems