Japan Destinations and Attractions


Whatever your style, you'll be surprised at just what you can find in Japan! Whether you end up taking photos of a reproduction Eiffel Tower, surfing an indoor wave, relaxing in a Zen temple, shacking up in a love hotel or sleeping in a capsule, it's all here.
While the Japanese may appear rather formal upon first acquaintance you will soon find out that over a few drinks and some karaoke things will quickly loosen up and the formalities will disappear. The technology is amazing, shopping malls huge and if regional areas are more your thing, don't despair as there are always plenty of rural festivals happening around the country.

Things not to be missed:

  • Mt Fuji, Japan's highest mountain stands 3776m high.
  • Iriomote-jima island, a jungle covered island that could well qualify as Japan's last frontier.
  • Matsuyama-jō is one of Japan's most beautiful original surviving castles.
  • The Tokyo National Museum is the one museum in Tokyo that is worth going out of your way to visit. It has the world's largest collection of Japanese art.

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