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Eurostar Early Bird Promotion Specials

Eurostar Early Bird Promotion

FARES FROM $66 | OFFER EXPIRES: 5th March 2019

Paris | London | Brussels | Amsterdam

Dreaming of indulging in the culinary delights of Paris? Or perhaps a cheeky pint or two at one of London’s historic taverns? Take advantage of Early Bird discounts to save 20% and more on select Eurostar fares for your next adventure!

Travel Routes:

London to Amsterdam

London to/from Paris

London to/from Brussels

Travel dates

Travel dates 4 March - 4 September 2019 - subject to availability. Blackout dates apply.*

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Eurostar Seating

Eurostar trains are bigger than jumbo jets. We know because we've counted the seats – all 766 of them

e320 trains Regular trains

Eurostar have been rolling out their new e320 trains since December 2015.

Please click here to find the seating map for this train.

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For seating plans of the regular Eurostar carriages please click here.


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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Rail Europe's International Reservations system does not have the facility to select what seat you wish to sit in. Therefore, we are unable to request a specific seat number or forward facing seats at time of booking.