Night trains to/from Poland : Onboard

Onboard Night trains to/from Poland


  • The sleeping cars are a step up from the couchettes, it is a more comfortable way to travel through the night
  • 1, 2 or 3 berths to a compartment
  • When compartments are shared, they are designated as single-sex only -- you must choose male or female for your clients
  • room for luggage
  • mirror and sink
  • the beds are more comfortable and there is more noise isolation


  • Couchettes are an economical way to travel, but if you want more privacy or quiet, you might want to consider a sleeping car.
  • The compartments are quite narrow and confined once the beds are folded down and everyone's luggage is stowed.
  • Pillow, blanket and clean sheets but the travellers need to make up their own bunk

Reclining seat

  • Reclining seats in open-plan coaches permit overnight travel at low prices
  • Washrooms and toilets in each coach

Wars restaurant

  • snacks, and usually several hot dishes
  • tables where you can stand and eat / sit-down tables sit-down table service with a number of hot and cold meals
  • Click here to view a sample bar car menu