Alleo : Services

Alleo services (TGV & ICE)

The train you will travel on depends on the route. Check the map & services below:


Onboard services ICE 3 Classic TGV EuroDuplex
Train managers fluent in English, French and German
Audio connection in both classes - -
Access to a bar-buffet car
At-seat power outlets
Snacks & beverages vending machines in the trains - -
Paris metro tickets on sale at the bar-buffet


  • The ICE running on the northern route of TGV Est line are the latest generation of ICE: ICE3.


  • Newly refurbished trains by Christian Lacroix
  • They have 8 cars totalling 360 seats: 110 in 1st class and 250 in 2nd class.

TGV Duplex

  • Double deck trains totalling 509 seats
  • More legroom than classic TGV trains and digital screens on-board