Seat & Sleeper Reservations : General Information

What is a seat or sleeper reservation?

A seat/sleeper reservation ensures you have a reserved seat/coach number on your selected date and time of travel. As many seat and sleeper reservations are issued as actual paper tickets, we can only accept online bookings made within Australia. If you are currently travelling overseas, please book your reservations locally.

Are seat reservations compulsory?

Not all trains require compulsory seat reservations, however it is highly recommended to reserve seats to avoid sold out trains. Reservations are compulsory on most high-speed trains. Sleepers must be pre-booked prior to boarding the train. Often, if you purchase a point to point fare on a high-speed train, then your seat reservation will be included in the cost. If you are travelling with a pass then the reservations are at an additional cost.

Is it best to reserve my seat before I travel?

We always recommend that you reserve your seat before you travel as this avoids sold out trains and queuing at the train station before you depart. You can reserve your seat with us on our live booking engine. Just add in your departure city and arrival city along with the date and time.

Please note: The International Reservations system does not have the facility to select what seat you wish to sit in. Therefore, we are unable to request a specific seat/carriage number or forward facing seats.

When booking as 2 or more people, the seat reservation system will typically auto-allocate all seats to be located together.

What is the Night Train Rule?

  • You only need to use 1 travel day when you travel on night trains in Europe
  • Enter the date of departure on your Eurail pass travel calendar
  • If your night train departs after midnight this still counts as day of departure