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Swiss Half Fare Card Combi + Transfer Ticket

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How far are the hotels from the station?

Hotels are located to be generally within a 5-minute walking distance from the station.

Can I choose which hotel I want?

We can advise a list of preference to our supplier, but it is not guaranteed as hotels are subject to availability until confirmed.

Can I add nights in hotels?

Yes, as long as the hotel is in a city already included as part of your itinerary. Keep in mind it is subject to availability until confirmed.

What hotels can I choose from?

Depending on the package you are looking at booking, we have the list available on our website. You can also ask our Great Train Journeys team and we can guide you on how to find it.

What does it mean by transfers included?

The number of transfers included is determined by the package you have booked. For example, if you have booked the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland which includes 8 transfers, it refers to the following:

  • 2 x transfers from and to any swiss airport or border town station. This is used on the first and last day of your itinerary.
  • 6 x pass (transfers) on the swiss scenic trains including: The Jungfraujoch, The golden Pass Line, The Glacier Express, The Bernina Express and The Gotthard Panorama Express.

What are seat reservations?

Travelling domestically in Switzerland by train does not require seat reservations unless it is onboard a scenic train. As all packages include at least one scenic train, seat reservations will need to be booked. This is all booked for you by our reservations team.

Are seat reservations free?

No. Seat reservations are not included in the package price and are an additional cost on top of the package cost.  Seat reservations are compulsory on the scenic trains and are subject to availability. The price starts from $30 per person, per sector with the exact price advised upon confirmation.

When can seat reservations be booked?

Seat reservations in Switzerland do not open for sell until approximately 90 days prior to the train departure date. Due to the time difference, seat reservations are unable to confirm until after 12pm Australian time. Please note that though you may have booked your package months in advance, we do not have access to reservations until 90 days prior to the departure date.

What are the airport stations and border towns?

The main border towns for Switzerland are the following:

Basel SBB – France

Basel Bad - Germany

Les Verrieres – France

Vallorbe – France

Geneva – France

Buchs – Austria

St Margrethen – Austria

There may be other stations that are allowed such Zurich HB station.  Please do not hesitate to double check with our team.

Airport stations refer to any airport station in Switzerland such as the Zurich Airport station.

Transfer from and to airport/border town station is not a direct train. Do I need more than 1 transfer ticket?

As long as the final destination is the town included in your itinerary, an airport station or a border town then your Swiss Half Fare Card Combi + Transfer Ticket will cover the journey.

What is the Swiss Half Fare Card Combi – Transfer Ticket?

This is the pass booked as part of your package. This pass allows you to travel on the trains included in your itinerary and if part of your package act as a discount pass. Please note this does not cover the compulsory seat reservations, these are booked at an additional cost.

I have booked my package in 4 star hotels, why do I have 3 star hotel vouchers?

When the package is booked, the base package is automatically booked as 3 star hotels and then upgraded to 4 star hotels upon request. In doing so, the documents issue as the base package hotels (3 star) and the upgrade hotels (4 star). If you have booked a 4 star hotel Swiss Package, you will notice you have 2 sets of the hotel vouchers for each night of stay. Please present the 3 star hotel voucher in conjunction with the 4 star hotel voucher upon check in at each hotel. Please ensure that the correct hotel name and dates of stay are written on each voucher in accordance to your itinerary.

I booked the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland Package, why do I have additional night vouchers?

The base package for the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland is booked on a 8 day / 7 night itinerary. However, there are 2 additional nights included in the package which are the free day in Zermatt and free day in St Moritz. These free days are considered additional nights as it is not part of the base package.