Wellbeing tips

Stuck at home? Here are some tips from our team and partners that might help.

From our team

  • Wellness tips – YIN Yoga, so relaxing and great for body and mind, Regular breaks from screentime is a also a must for me. Animal therapy – cat cuddles to beat the bubble blues! Herbal tea – I love licorice tea when I am practising willpower over the sweet tooth.

Atout France

  • Travel has been one of the things that people have been missing during this crisis. And we all know that everyone would like to travel once restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so. So we would recommend to keep dreaming and keep those travel inspirations alive by doing a bucket list of the new places you would like to visit and also another bucket list of your favourite places you would like to re-visit, and we are sure beautiful France will be among these destinations!

Herbie (Blue Train):

  • I recommend staying as busy as possible, reading, studying, keeping fit and getting enough fresh air and sunlight are activities which keep me occupied and make the days go by rapidly and constructively.

Kathrina (Austrian National Tourist Office):

  • Our Austria Colouring Book: (I already did the Salzburg and Tirol one – relaxes me)
  • I’ve been working from home – like many of us – for the last couple of weeks. I always make sure I don’t read my emails first thing in the morning but instead go for a run, take the dog for a walk or do some yoga on the balcony. The fresh air sets me up for the day and gives me energy. But there are days on which I just stay in bed as long as I can and that’s fine too. I try to go outside during lunch break.
  • I also talk more to my family and friends at home. Even though we don’t have much to say to each if we talk everyday ??
  • Another thing I really enjoy is taking time to cook my meals and try new things. Once a week I cook something Austrian that reminds me of home, like something my grandma used to cook. Because I know that I won’t be able to see my family for while it helps me to get through. Will cook this next.

Nathan (Destination Canada):

Here are our top tips for staying sane while working from home during this challenging time:

  • Act as if you’re going to work. Set aside a designated working space (the couch doesn’t count!) and get dressed before you start to ensure you’re in the right frame of mine.
  • Download the beautiful Destination Canada backgrounds for video conferencing. The images include the aurora borealis of Yukon, the polar bears of Manitoba, and many more: canadaiscalling.ca
  • Consider participating in online courses that you might not have had time for previously. It’s a great way to upskill while we wait for life to return to normal.
  • Be kind to each other. The tourism industry has taken a huge hit and many people are feeling anxious about their livelihoods and the future. Now is the time to support each other and flex that empathy muscle.
  • Exercise! Get up from your desk often, take a walk around the block or schedule a workout session at the end of the day. It’s not just essential for your health, but will also keep you motivated and positive.
  • Practice gratitude. Feel thankful for the beautiful autumn weather, the food on your plate, and the fact that Australia is faring better than most of the world during this pandemic.
  • Stay in touch. Check in on colleagues, schedule regular video team meetings, lunch dates on Zoom or coffees over Facetime. You’ll need to work harder than usual to keep team spirit alive, but it’s worth the effort.
  • Protect your home life! Set specific hours for work and don’t check emails after hours, if you can help it.

Dust off that half-read novel and read! Now is the perfect time to escape into another reality and feed your imagination.

Emanuele (Italian National Tourist Board):

  • Stay connected with others
  • Look after your body (Get enough sleep, exercise, eat well)
  • Be creative in the kitchen.
  • Start planning your next holiday

Ben (Rocky Mountaineer):

  • I have been walking nearly every day around my neighborhood, it’s always great to get some fresh air and exercise. I have also used this time to spring clean my house!