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Travel to one of the best places to see Polar Bears or the Northern Lights

Winnipeg - Churchill

Watch the beautiful Manitoba landscape transition from majestic prairie to towering boreal forest, from the cold lakes of the taiga to the barren beauty of the tundra, while leaning back in your comfortable chair, warm in the embrace of your wool sweater.

The Winnipeg-Churchill train completes the 1,700 kilometre journey to the vast subarctic region of Northern Manitoba in two days.

In the summer time, kayak with the belugas under a midnight sun.

All year round, choose the relaxing ambience and attentive service of budget travel in Economy class. You may also upgrade to the comforts of a cosy bed in Sleeper class.


Gillam to Churchill service resumes

VIA Rail services resumed in northern Manitoba, between Gillam and Churchill, on December 2, 2018.



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Winnipeg to Churchill