The Canadian : Train Cars

Train Cars

VIA Rail has additional train cars to give guests freedom to move about during their trip, take a coffee break, have a chat or admire the scenery.

Panorama car (Operates May - October)

Panorama: the name says it all.

You'll be seated by windows that extend up to ceiling and fill the space with natural light. Let yourself be enchanted by the enveloping beauty of the landscape as it unfolds before your eyes.

This one-of-a-kind car offers two rows of double-occupancy seats topped with a domed window roof.

The Panorama Car can be accessed by Sleeper Plus & Prestige passengers.

The Canadian Panorama 1 jpg The Canadian Panorama 2 jpg

Skyline car

The Skyline Car can be accessed by Economy, Sleeper Plus & Prestige passengers.

Combine pleasure with practicality while taking in the surrounding scenery passing by.

You'll be on your way to some much deserved rest and relaxation on board the Skyline car. On the top floor, the windows extend to the ceiling, providing you with the perfect place to admire the breathtaking scenery as it unfolds.

The Skyline car features a café-style dining area, kitchen, lounge, and Scenic dome section on the top floor.

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Prestige Park Car

The Prestige Park Car can be accessed by Sleeper Plus (restricted times) & Prestige (unrestricted) passengers.

The Prestige Park car consists of the 'Prestige Mural Lounge', 'Prestige Bullet Lounge' and a scenic dome.

A select number of seats in the Prestige Park car are reserved for our Prestige passengers at all times in the scenic dome (year-round).

For Sleeper Plus Class guests, scheduled access to the Prestige Park Car is provided during peak season and unrestricted access during off-peak season. During peak season, Sleeper Plus passengers will be able to access the Prestige Park car on the following schedule: from 2:00PM until last call 10:30PM, with the exception of evenings upon departure from Toronto and Vancouver where access will be exclusive to Prestige passengers. *Scheduled access times are subject to change.

Prestige Class passengers receive unrestricted access to the Prestige Park Car year-round.

The Prestige Mural Lounge

In this elegant and inviting lounge, travellers can enjoy non-alcoholic beverages and snacks or simply take a seat and chat with the concierge or other guests in a laid-back atmosphere.

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The Prestige Bullet Lounge

Located at the back of the train, the Bullet lounge offers great views and photo opportunities. See the breathtaking scenery unfold right before your eyes and all around you. It's the perfect place to sit down and read a good book or strike up a conversation with fellow travellers.

BulletLounge jpg

Scenic Top-Floor View

The Prestige Park car's scenic dome section is the ideal place to relax. Its windows extend to the ceiling, providing you with the perfect place to admire the breathtaking scenery as it unfolds.