Indian Pacific : FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the actual travelling time & distance between major stops?

Sydney - Perth or vice versa (v.v) - 4,352km - approx 68hrs 
Sydney - Adelaide (or v.v.) - 1,693km - approx 24.5hrs 
Adelaide - Perth (or v.v.) - 2,659km - approx 41hrs 
Adelaide - Alice Springs (or v.v.) - 1,559km - approx 25hrs 
Adelaide - Darwin (or v.v.) - 2,979km - approx 48hrs 
Melbourne - Adelaide (or v.v.) - 828km - approx 10.5hrs

Which train stations does the Indian Pacific depart from/arrive into?


Adelaide Parklands Terminal
(also known as Keswick Terminal)

Richmond Road, Keswick, South Australia, 5035
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Sydney Central Station
City Circle, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000
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East Perth Terminal
West Parade, East Perth, Western Australia, 6004
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Platinum Service Guests
Complimentary transfers at the start and end of your journey available for guests within 60km of the terminal. Rail Europe will require addresses for pick up/drop off to pre-book this service.

Gold Service Guests
Complimentary return Shuttle bus transfers available in Darwin from selected hotels in the city centre. 
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Can I take my car onboard the Indian Pacific?

Yes, Motorail is available between Adelaide and Perth (Not available between Sydney and Adelaide).

With Great Southern Rail's Motorail Service, you can avoid the traffic and the long drive and enjoy the convenience of having your own car at the end of the line ready for the next stage of your journey.

Contact Rail Europe for more information on Motorail.

Is there a standard of dress onboard?

It is your holiday we want you to be comfortable so smart casual attire is recommended. We recommend warm clothes for Outback Experiences as mornings and evenings in the Outback can be cool. We also recommend you pack a hat, sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes your Off Train Excursions.

Can I fly out the same day as the train arrives?

We highly recommend that guests do not book flights same day as arrival without allowing for late running trains. This would mean allowing for at least 3-5 hours after the scheduled arrival time, and an overnight stopover especially for international flights.

Can I travel if I am sick or have an illness?

We may refuse to confirm your booking or refuse you boarding if you suffer from any illness, disease or other condition which makes travel unsafe for you or other guests.
You have an obligation to inform us of any illness, disease or medical condition at time of booking.
Please refer to our 'Fitness For Travel Policy".

Can I travel if I am pregnant?

Yes up to 30 weeks into the pregnancy. If you are greater than 30 weeks pregnant, have a multiple pregnancy or a complicated pregnancy, we do not recommend travel on our services. You may be required to produce a Doctor's letter of consent or an authorised medical certificate within 14 days of travel.

What medical assistance do the on-train staffs provide?

GSR staffs are trained to administer basic first aid, however our staff are not able to provide routine medical aid during a journey. Guests requiring medical attention or mobility assistance on board any of our trains are required to arrange for their own Carer to travel with them.

Can my necessary medication be refrigerated?

Yes subject to space within our on-board fridge compartments - PLEASE INFORM US AT TIME OF BOOKING.

Can I take oxygen onboard?


Can I take my own food on board the train?

You can bring your own special dietary needs. You cannot bring your own alcohol or hot food. Some food purchased on-train may need to be disposed of prior to leaving the train due to strict state quarantine rulings.

Can I purchase/ request hot (boiling) water?

No - for safety reasons we are unable to serve hot water.

Can I heat baby food/bottle?

Yes this is available on request with on-train staff.

Can I pay for my meals/snacks/beverages with a credit card?

Yes, however a minimum amount applies.

Can I pay for my meals/snacks/beverages with EFTPOS?


Is there ATM (Cash out) facilities on-train?

No - you must board the train with sufficient cash on hand for required purchases during the journey ahead.

Can I take any pets or animals with me on-train?

No - you must arrange directly with specialist animal transportation.
The only animals permitted on GSR services are specially trained dogs for the vision and hearing impaired.

Can I send freight/ other goods with me on GSR's trains?

No - you must arrange directly with specialist freight transportation.

Can I stopover in Adelaide on the way from Sydney to Perth (or v.v)? and is there an additional cost to do this?

Yes - you can stopover in Adelaide. The cost is the sum of the two fares Sydney to Adelaide and Adelaide to Perth.

As an Overseas visitor to Australia, do I qualify for the Pension concession fare if I am a pensioner/ senior citizen back home?

Great Southern Railway is a private commercial business that receives a rebate each year from the Australian Federal Government as compensation for offering the concession fares for Australian Pensioners. As part of our agreement with the Australian Government, we must secure an eligible Australian Pension Concession Card number at the time of booking.
This agreement with the Australian Federal Government does not extend to Pensioners from overseas countries - it is strictly limited to Australian Pensioners who are residents of Australia.

Can I travel with an infant?

Yes however only in a Gold Superior or Gold Access cabin. 

What age qualifies my child as an infant?

Up to 3 years of age. Infants do not travel free of charge if they are to occupy their own seat/ berth. 

What if I am prepared to nurse my infant on my lap/ share my Sleeper berth with my infant?

Infants up to 3 years of age travel free of charge when nursed by a parent. Each fare paying parent is restricted to nursing only one infant free of charge.

What do I pay if I want my infant to occupy their own seat/ Sleeper berth?

Your infant is to be booked as a Child, and the applicable Child fare will be charged.

Can I order a cot for my infant?

Upon request, a cot can be provided by GSR for guests occupying a Gold Service twin-share cabin - PLEASE REQUEST AT TIME OF BOOKING.
Due to space restrictions, cots cannot be arranged for Gold Service Single cabins.

Can I take my pram/ push-chair/ booster seat on board the train?

No - these items must be checked-in as stored luggage.

Can I take my walking frame/wheelchair/ scooter on board the train?

No - these items must be checked-in as stored luggage. A specially modified pushchair can be requested for use on train (with the assistance of a Carer or travelling companion) - PLEASE INFORM US AT TIME OF BOOKING.

Does the train carry power outlets for CPAC machines?

Cabins on the Indian Pacific have 240V power outlets installed which can be used for a CPAC machine. It is recommended that a surge arrestor/protector be used to protect the machine when it is plugged in case of a power surge. Surge protectors can be purchased from an electrical store.