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Discover the essence of Chinese history & culture and one of the world's most ancient civilizations.

China has one of the busiest and largest rail networks in the world. Experience one of the many highlights that include the Great Wall or take a train to Xian which is renowned for its buried army of Terracotta Warriors with a remarkable history of 2000 years.

Trains in China are safe, comfortable and offer an inexpensive way to travel around this remarkable country.

Late bookings: Due to operational reasons, unfortunately no new bookings can be accepted within 5 working days prior to the train's departure date.

Trains departing Shenzhen or Tianjin are not bookable until further notice.

Please note: We are not able to book travel between China and Mongolia.



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G Train: Popular Routes (can be done in the reverse direction. Contact us for other train routes or sleeper trains)

    Business Class Seat 1st Class Seat 2nd Class Seat  
    Adult Adult Adult  
Beijing - Hong Kong $992 $509 $319
Beijing - Shanghai $517 $276 $165
Beijing - Tianjin $52 $27 $17
Beijing - Xian $480 $243 $153
Guangzhou - Hong Kong $128 $80 $42
Guangzhou - Shanghai $735 $385 $235
Shanghai - Hong Kong $924 $486 $299
Shanghai - Xian $401 $324 $198

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  • Please note: Fares above are FROM prices, and are subject to availability and require manual confirmation
  • Reservations for China rail open 30 days prior to the train's departure. 
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  • A non refundable booking fee applies per sector (Booking Fee varies).
  • Passport details are required at time of booking.
  • For domestic trains: Rail Europe will issue a voucher you need to exchange for actual tickets at a ticket window at the train station.You must arrive at the train station at least 2 hours prior to the train's departure. Queues for the ticket window can be long and ticket collection closes within 30 minutes of the train's departure.
  • For international trains (including to/from Hong Kong): A delivery fee applies for each delivery. Documents are sent directly to your pre-departure hotel. Please note: Higher delivery costs apply if you require delivery to the airport. Rail Europe will issue a voucher which will need to be exchanged for actual tickets upon check in to your hotel.

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China by Rail

China by Rail